Monday, October 7, 2013

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"Doodle Reverse Free is a puzzle game with a single logic: just reverse the board and reproduce the given pattern. Simple, isn't it? I don't think so. Doodle Reverse Free is incredibly fun and addictive. Don't get angry if you fail at first sight. Just run for it an try again! Soon you will master it.
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"Combine the elements of the 3 sides of the board and reproduce the given figure. Clear the board and keep playing to beat your friends records. Can you beat us? And your friends? Beat them and make them angry. Just download it and begin to practice!"

"Everybody likes to pop things. So, join us and come pop as many bubbles as you can. :)
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There are more games waiting for you... what are you waiting for?

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Friday, October 4, 2013

Cocos2d-x: simple button effect

One of the great things about cocos2d-x is the easy way to create and animate objects.

Here is a simple example of:

1) create a button
2) create a feedback effect when the button is pressed (manualy) and call an action when the feedback is over

1) create a button

Add these to your scene .h.
virtual void  onMenuItemSelected( CCObject* item );
CCMenuItemSprite* createMenuButton( const char* img );

CCMenuItemSprite*   btEnter;

void actionEnter();
Now implement the funtions in your .cpp. The following function helps a lot when you need to create a lot of buttons...
CCMenuItemSprite* YourScene::createMenuButton( const char* img ) {

 CCSprite* spr = CCSprite::create( img );
 if( ! spr ) {
  return NULL;

 CCMenuItemSprite* item = CCMenuItemSprite::create( spr,
                   NULL, NULL, this,
                   menu_selector( YourScene::onMenuItemSelected ) );

 return item;
... and instantiate your button on the init of your scene:
btEnter = CCSprite::create( "btEnter.png" );
2) create a feedback effect when the button is pressed and call an action when the feedback is over

This is the feedback for all the buttons. When pressed, the btEnter will run a scale animation and than call the function actionEnter.
void YourScene::onMenuItemSelected( CCObject* item ) {

    if( item == btEnter ){
                        CCScaleTo::create( 0.1f, 1.2f ),
                        CCScaleTo::create( 0.1f, 1.0f ),
                        CCCallFunc::create( this, 
                      callfunc_selector( YourScene::actionEnter ) ),
                        NULL ) );
Implement the actionEnter() with some action for this button.

Run your app and now you have a button with a simple feedback effect and some specific action!

That was simple but gold! :)

See ya...
Keep playing, keep touching!

New games coming soon!

Hello folks!

Long time we don't write here.

We have been so busy but great news are coming.

Soon we will be releasing some games (old Balofo games) on IOS and maybe Windows phone too!

Hmmmm, but I guess this is not enough for us.

We have 2 new games almost ready to be published!!! Yeap... 2!!!

We don't know when they will be live, but we are working hard for it! (game 1: 90% done; game 2: 70% done)

And we are preparing some tutorials and tips for programmers, artists or game lovers.

That's all for now.

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Keep playing, keep touching!